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Alma12:183 - Alma12:193

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Passage: Alma 12:183 - Alma 12:193

183 Now it came to pass that when Ammon had heard this, he said unto Lamoni, Behold, my brother and brethren are in prison at Middoni, and I go that I may deliver them.
184 Now Lamoni said unto Ammon, I know, in the strength of the Lord, thou canst do all things. But behold, I will go with thee to the land of Middoni, for the king of the land of Middoni, whose name is Antiomno, is a friend unto me;
185 Therefore I go to the land of Middoni, that I may flatter the king of the land; and he will cast thy brethren out of prison.
186 Now Lamoni said unto him, Who told thee that thy brethren were in prison?
187 And Ammon said unto him, No one hath told me, save it be God; and he said unto me, Go and deliver thy brethren, for they are in prison in the land of Middoni.
188 Now when Lamoni had heard this, he caused that his servants should make ready his horses, and his chariots.
189 And he said unto Ammon, Come, I will go with thee down to the land of Middoni, and there I will plead with the king, that he will cast thy brethren out of prison.
190 And it came to pass that as Ammon and Lamoni were journeying thither, that they met the father of Lamoni, who was king over all the land.
191 And behold, the father of Lamoni said unto him, Why did ye not come to the feast, on that great day when I made a feast unto my sons, and unto my people?
192 And he also said, Whither art thou going with this Nephite, who is one of the children of a liar?
193 And it came to pass that Lamoni rehearsed unto him whither he was going, for he feared to offend him.

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