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DC129:6a - DC129:8f

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Passage: DC 129:6a - DC 129:8f

6a The Spirit saith further: In order that the places of those taken from the Twelve may be supplied and the quorum filled that it may act as a whole, my servants J. F. Curtis and Robert C. Russell may be chosen and set apart to the office of apostles and be enrolled and sustained in the quorum.
6b Other servants there are who will be called and appointed ere long, but not now.
7a Those who are holding the office of patriarchs are to be enrolled with the high priests, the same as the bishops, who are acting in their office by virtue of their being high priests.
7b These men in their office are an order in the priesthood, the same as the high councils of the church and the stakes and as the bishops who hold as high priests, as the quorum of the twelve, and as the presidency are but orders in the priesthood, there being but two priesthoods; and these are orders in the Melchisedec priesthood.
7c There is no difference in the priesthood, though there may be and is in the office in which the several orders may occupy and act.
8a The Spirit saith further: The attention of the church is called to the consideration of the revelation, given in answer to earnest supplication, with regard to temporal things.
8b The word has been already given in agreement with revelations long since delivered to the church, that the temporalities of the church were to be under the charge and care of the Bishopric, men holding the office of bishop under a presiding head acting for the church in the gathering, caring for, and disbursing the contributions gathered from the Saints of moneys and properties under the terms of tithing, surplus, free will offerings, and consecrations.
8c The word which has been given at a late period should not have been so soon forgotten and disregarded by the church or any of its members.
8d "I am God; I change not"; has been known to the church and the eldership since the coming of the angel with the message of restoration.
8e Under it the church has sought the Lord and received from time to time that which was deemed sufficient for the time to govern the church and its ministers, both of the spiritual and the temporal divisions of the work.
8f The church has been directed to accede to the rendition of the Bishopric with respect to the temporal law;

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The Final Prophecy

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