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Passage: Genesis 6:4 - Genesis 6:24

4 And God revealed himself unto Seth, and he rebelled not, but offered an acceptable sacrifice like unto his brother Abel. And to him also was born a son, and he called his name Enos.
5 And then began these men to call upon the name of the Lord; and the Lord blessed them; and a book of remembrance was kept in the which was recorded in the language of Adam, for it was given unto as many as called upon God, to write by the Spirit of inspiration;
6 And by them their children were taught to read and write, having a language which was pure and undefiled.
7 Now this same priesthood which was in the beginning, shall be in the end of the world also.
8 Now this prophecy Adam spake, as he was moved upon by the Holy Ghost.
9 And a genealogy was kept of the children of God. And this was the book of the generations of Adam, saying, In the day that God created man, (in the likeness of God made he him,) in the image of his own body, male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created, and became living souls, in the land, upon the footstool of God.
10 And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his own image, and called his name Seth.
11 And the days of Adam, after he had begotten Seth, were eight hundred years. And he begat many sons and daughters. And all the days that Adam lived, were nine hundred and thirty years; and he died.
12 Seth lived one hundred and five years, and begat Enos, and prophesied in all his days, and taught his son Enos in the ways of God. Wherefore Enos prophesied also. And Seth lived after he begat Enos, eight hundred and seven years, and begat many sons and daughters.
13 And the children of men were numerous upon all the face of the land. And in those days, Satan had great dominion among men, and raged in their hearts; and from thenceforth came wars and bloodshed.
14 And a man's hand was against his own brother in administering death, because of secret works, seeking for power. And all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years; and he died.
15 And Enos lived ninety years, and begat Cainan. And Enos, and the residue of the people of God, came out from the land which was called Shulon, and dwelt in a land of promise, which he called after his own son, whom he had named Cainan.
16 And Enos lived, after he begat Cainan, eight hundred and fifteen years, and begat many sons and daughters. And all the days of Enos were nine hundred and five years; and he died.
17 And Cainan lived seventy years, and begat Mahalaleel.
18 And Cainan lived after he begat Mahalaleel, eight hundred and forty years, and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Cainan were nine hundred and ten years; and he died.
19 And Mahalaleel lived sixty-five years, and begat Jared.
20 And Mahalaleel lived after he begat Jared, eight hundred and thirty years, and begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Mahalaleel were eight hundred and ninety-five years; and he died.
21 And Jared lived one hundred and sixty-two years, and begat Enoch.
22 And Jared lived, after he begat Enoch, eight hundred years, and begat sons and daughters. And Jared taught Enoch in all the ways of God.
23 And this is the genealogy of the sons of Adam, who was the son of God, with whom God himself conversed.
24 And they were preachers of righteousness, and spake and prophesied, and called upon all men everywhere to repent. And faith was taught unto the children of men.


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