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Passage: Mosiah 5:50 - Mosiah 5:70

50 And again, he saith, If my people shall sow filthiness, they shall reap the east wind, which bringeth immediate destruction.
51 And now, behold, the promise of the Lord is fulfilled; and ye are smitten, and afflicted.
52 But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind; if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage.
53 And it came to pass that after king Limhi had made an end of speaking to his people, for he spake many things unto them, and only a few of them have I written in this book, he told his people all the things concerning their brethren who were in the land of Zarahemla;
54 And he caused that Ammon should stand up before the multitude, and rehearse unto them all that had happened unto their brethren, from the time that Zeniff went up out of the land, even until the time that he himself came up out of the land.
55 And he also rehearsed unto them the last words which King Benjamin had taught them, and explained them to the people of King Limhi, so that they might understand all the words which he spake.
56 And it came to pass that after he had done all this, that King Limhi dismissed the multitude, and caused that they should return, every one unto his own house.
57 And it came to pass that he caused that the plates which contained the record of his people, from the time that they left the land of Zarahemla, should be brought before Ammon, that he might read them.
58 Now, as soon as Ammon had read the record, the king inquired of him to know if he could interpret languages.
59 And Ammon told him that he could not.
60 And the king said unto him, Being grieved for the afflictions of my people, I caused that forty and three of my people should take a journey into the wilderness, that thereby they might find the land of Zarahemla; that we might appeal unto our brethren to deliver us out of bondage;
61 And they were lost in the wilderness, for the space of many days, yet they were diligent, and found not the land of Zarahemla, but returned to this land, having traveled in a land among many waters;
62 Having discovered a land which was covered with bones of men, and of beasts, etc., and was also covered with ruins of buildings of every kind:
63 Having discovered a land which had been peopled with a people who were as numerous as the hosts of Israel.
64 And for a testimony that the things that they have said are true, they have brought twenty-four plates, which are filled with engravings; and they are of pure gold.
65 And behold, also, they have brought breastplates, which are large; and they are of brass, and of copper, and are perfectly sound.
66 And again, they have brought swords, the hilts thereof have perished, and the blades thereof were cankered with rust;
67 And there is no one in the land that is able to interpret the language or the engravings that are on the plates.
68 Therefore, I said unto thee, Canst thou translate?
69 And I say unto thee again, Knowest thou of any one that can translate? for I am desirous that these records should be translated into our language.
70 For, perhaps they will give us a knowledge of a remnant of the people who have been destroyed, from whence these records came;


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