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Passage: DC 123:15 - DC 123:28b

15 Resolved that it is the opinion of this council that high priests, when needed for missionary service abroad, may be appointed by the First Presidency or the Twelve or both jointly, and should labor after such appointment under the direction of the Twelve, the same as Seventies.
16 Resolved, further, that when high priests are acting in their own standing as local presidents, they are subject to the direction and counsel of members of both the First Presidency and the Twelve, whose duty it is to regulate.
17 Resolved, further, that when a necessity occurs for changing men or placing new men in the field, between conferences, to meet special exigencies, those making the appointment should notify the ministers in charge of the fields affected, if practicable, so as to avoid irregularity or possible conflict. GOSPEL BOAT
18 Resolved as the opinion of this joint council, that Brother E.L. Kelley should proceed to San Francisco at the earliest possible time and secure the proposed boat for the Society Islands. DETROIT BRANCH
19 Resolved that we advise that the colored members in Detroit, Michigan, be organized in a separate branch as soon as practicable. BISHOP'S COUNCIL
20 After some deliberation the consensus of opinion of the council was secured to the effect that the words "the Bishop and his council" found in paragraph 6 of the revelation of 1894, mean the Bishop and his two counselors, and a vote obtained in support of such understanding. PRESIDENTS OF HIGH COUNCIL
21a The following was adopted by regular vote:
21b It is our opinion that the counselors referred to in paragraph 6, section 99, are the counselors of the President in the Presidency of the church, but whether or not under certain circumstances the President would not be privileged to call others to assist him, is a query. COUNSEL TO BE HONORED
22a Resolved that it is the opinion of this council that the statements found in paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 of the revelation of 1894 should be understood in the same sense as paragraph 3 of the revelation of 1882 and paragraph 4 of the revelation of 1890,
22b and that it is the duty of the Saints to honor more fully the counsel and advice of the First Presidency, the Twelve, and the Seventy in spiritual things. PRESIDENCY OF THE TWELVE AND MEANING OF THE WORD "ABROAD"
23a The following opinion of the First Presidency, as communicated to the Quorum of the Twelve, in 1890, was adopted as the opinion of this joint council:
23b "As a traveling, presiding council, your quorum has the active supervision and presidency, under the First Presidency, over the entire field of ministerial labor, and control over districts, branches, and the ministry as a whole and as church organizations, and not as local presiding officers in these several organizations;
23c "holding special local presidency where no organization has been perfected; in a similar way as the First Presidency presides over the whole church, differing in this, that the First Presidency is necessarily local, while your province is not localized;
23d "nor do we mean by this that the word 'abroad' is to be construed to mean foreign lands, but in the field of itinerant gospel labor everywhere, as contradistinguished from branch, district, or other local organizations." REVELATION OF 1861
24a Resolved that paragraph 5 of the revelation of April 15, 1894, relating to the duty of the Twelve under the authority of the revelation of 1861 (Doctrine and Covenants, section 114), teaches that said revelation is still in force;
24b but that whatever duty the Twelve might have felt rested upon them in "looking after the disbursements of the moneys in the treasury, or the management of the properties of the church," more than what is set forth in the agreement between the Twelve and the Bishopric, as effected in April, 1878, and reaffirmed in April, 1888, or indicated in the revelation of April, 1894, "they are now absolved from, the end designed by it having been reached." REQUEST FOR ARTICLES FOR PUBLICATION
25 The Herald editors were, by vote, advised to call for articles from any who might be disposed to write upon leading gospel topics, said articles to be subjected to the inspection of the committee as heretofore named, and to be accepted or rejected at its discretion.
26 It was then ordered that the president and secretary of the council prepare the minutes of proceedings for publication in the Herald.
27 The special business of the council having ended, Brother James Caffall expressed a desire that the usual custom of setting foreign missionaries apart by laying on of hands and blessing be observed in his behalf, as he had been appointed to labor in Europe.
28a The council then knelt and was led in prayer by President Joseph Smith, who earnestly invoked the divine blessing upon Brother Caffall and his labors, after which Brethren Joseph Smith, W.W. Blair, A.H. Smith, and E.L. Kelley laid their hands upon him and set him apart, President W.W. Blair being mouth in supplication.
28b The Spirit of the Master fell upon those present and the service and season was one of joyful solemnity and peace. "Redeemer of Israel" was then sung and the benediction pronounced by President Joseph Smith.


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