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Passage: DC 124:3 - DC 125:3b

3 The Quorum of Twelve, my servants, may choose and appoint one of their number to take the place of my servant Alexander H. Smith, and if they shall choose William H. Kelley, from among them for this place it will be pleasing unto me; nevertheless, if directed by the spirit of revelation and wisdom they may choose another.
4a And, that the quorum may be filled and be prepared to stand as a unit in the councils of the church, in equality with the Presidency and the Seventy, choose and set apart to act as apostles in the Quorum of Twelve, my servants I. N. White, J. W. Wight, and R. C. Evans, for they are called unto this office and calling.
4b And, if these will accept this appointment and remain humble, faithful, and diligent, they shall with their brethren be greatly blessed in ministering the word and bringing souls unto me. Let the quorum be not doubting but believing and I, the Lord, will bless them.
5a My servants, the presidents of the Seventy, may with the consent and approval of their brethren of the Seventy sitting in council together, select from their brethren one to take the place of my servant I. N. White, if he accept the appointment to the Quorum of Twelve, and his choosing be approved by the church;
5b and in like manner they may fill any other vacancy that has occurred or may occur; such selection and appointment to be made in the spirit of prayer and supplication and wisdom, and to be approved by the church.
6a It is according to the vision that the seven presidents of the Seventy shall preside over the whole number of the Seventy when assembled in council together;
6b the senior, or chosen president of the seven presidents shall preside over the six other presidents in their councils as presidents of the Seventy;
6c and when either quorum is sitting in council, as a quorum, then its chosen president shall preside over its sittings.
6d When any quorum of the Seventy may be sitting, any one, or all of the seven presidents, may at their request, or by invitation of such quorum, be present and take part in the deliberations of such council, but the president of such quorum only shall preside, except by consent of the quorum obtained by vote properly taken.
7a The sons of my servant the President of the church, the sons of my servant William W. Blair, whom I have taken to myself, the sons of my servant the Bishop of the church, and the sons of my servants of the leading quorums of the church are admonished,
7b that upon their fathers is laid a great and onerous burden, and they are called to engage in a great work, which shall bring them honor and glory, or shame, contempt and final great loss and destruction;
7c as they shall in uprightness, faithfulness and diligence discharge their duties acceptably to God, or shall in carelessness, slothfulness, or wickedness fail in their calling and ministry therein;
7d and to their sons shall come honor, or shame, as they shall approve, or disapprove themselves to God.
7e These sons of my servants are called, and if faithful shall in time be chosen to places whence their fathers shall fall, or fail, or be removed by honorable release before the Lord and the church.
8a The Spirit saith further unto the church, Be of good cheer.
8b It has pleased the Father to accept many of the sacrifices of his people; and, notwithstanding some have fallen while engaged in their work; some have been tried, and are still tried; some have been and are afflicted, yet the Lord has seen the affliction and trial and will accept and bless, and no man shall lose his reward.

DC 125
Intro SECTION 125 Revelation given through Joseph Smith III, April 15, 1901, at Independence, Missouri. This revelation was unusual in that --- for the first time --- the inspired message was presented to the General Conference without prior consideration by the quorums. Joseph explained that he was "bidden" to follow this procedure. The Conference referred the document to the quorums. After the quorums had reported favorably, it was approved by the body. At the same time it was ordered to be included in the Doctrine and Covenants. STATEMENT AND REVELATION
1 The successor of my servant W. W. Blair is with the body, but the conditions are not ripe for this addition to the presidency; but it shall be made in due time. In the meantime, let the presidency continue as at present constituted.
2 To fill this vacancy I was instructed to present the name of "my servant Peter Andersen."
3a The patriarch is an evangelical minister. The duties of this office are to be an evangelical minister; to preach, teach, expound, exhort, to be a revivalist, and to visit branches and districts as wisdom may direct, invitation, request, or the Spirit of God determine and require;
3b to comfort the Saints; to be a father to the church; to give counsel and advice to individuals who may seek for such; to lay on hands for the conferment of spiritual blessing, and if so led, to point out the lineage of the one who is blessed.


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