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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 21 Page: 396 (~1882)

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396 June 10, 1882, Levi W. Hancock, chosen as one of the presidents of Seventy as early as 1835, died at Washington, Washington County, Utah.

June 18 a branch was organized at Hamburg, Iowa, by Elder J. R. Badham, consisting of eight members; N. Taylor, president; J. W. Calkins, priest; D. Comstock, teacher; W. R. Calkins, clerk; Olive Calkins, treasurer.

On June 25 a branch was organized at Creston, Iowa, with eleven members; E. D. Bullard, president; A. W. Head, priest; H. O. Redfield, clerk.

About the last of June there was a branch organized near Paige, Texas, by Elder A. J. Cato.

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