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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 24 Page: 427 (~1884)

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427 CHAPTER 24.


THERE WAS at this time quite an agitation at Stewartsville, Missouri, and vicinity, occasioned by slanders circulated by some ministers and others. This prompted some of the citizens and business men of Stewartsville to publish the following statement:

STEWARTSVILLE, Missouri, July 25, 1883.

Inasmuch as the Latter Day Saints, who have been living in Stewartsville and vicinity for years, have been and are now being accused of nearly all the crimes known in the catalogue of crime, by the articles now being published in the Independent: Therefore, we, as citizens and business men of the city of Stewartsville, will say that we have found the Latter Day Saints, as a people, to be honest, industrious, truthful, upright, loyal, law-abiding citizens. H. M. White, city alderman; Doctor James C. Ritchey, alderman; B. F. Burkey, alderman; L. D. Smith, city treasurer; D. M. Turney, city attorney; Ed G. Sheldon, agricultural implements; J. H. Wheat, postmaster; C. L. Fowler, editor Independent; A. J. Culbertson, merchant; James Shear, harness-maker; F. L. Littleton, merchant; H. G. Buck, mayor of city, and president of Stewartsville Bank; J. H. Snow, city clerk, grain dealer; B. F. Clark, druggist; L. T. Moulton, merchant; Robert Clark, merchant; William Burnsides; W. M. Stigall, notary public, drugs and books; Winstead and Patton, live stock dealers; S. Bradford, hotel; W. G. Adams, collector for township and county; Casper Gantz, merchant; Samuel DeVall, merchant taylor; J. M. Pattan, merchant; P. H. Deppen, city assessor;

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