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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 18 Page: 315 (~1881)

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315 CHAPTER 18.


ON July 3, 1880, Elder J. L. Bear wrote from Zrich, Switzerland, giving an account of a smooth passage across the Atlantic; also of a pleasant journey across the continent until he reached his native land. He met much opposition and persecution after his arrival. He says: "Since my arrival I have preached every Sabbath in a private house not belonging to any of the Saints, with good attention of those who listened, and I have to say not to my honor, but to the honor and glory of God, that I felt every time the power, influence, and assistance of the Holy Spirit, as I never felt it before; I am also again master of the language, which I first thought would hinder me considerably in preaching."

The following extract from his letter will give an idea of the conditions obtaining, and of the hardships endured:

Times are very hard here. The farmers are complaining greatly. The outlook for this year is not flattering either; breadstuff is very high, and wages are low; hard, hard for the poor.

I have worked in good weather for farmers but have not received one cent yet, and then the work is generally hard, they take out all the strength of a man and then afterwards complain that a person has not worked enough to entitle him to his wages, so it happened to me I worked for a man two days in the potatoes and two days in haying, and had to

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