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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 10 Page: 214 (~1858-1859)

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214 CHAPTER 10.


ELDER Z. H. GURLEY, SEN., in his plain unvarnished way, relates some of the difficulties under which they labored, and in connection with these, records some wonderful manifestations and experiences, particularly the results of a meeting held early in January, 1853, in which he speaks of certain questions being presented to the Lord in prayer, and of answers received. He writes as follows:-

"Accordingly the subject was presented as follows:-

"First. Is polygamy of God?

"Second. Is any addition necessary to the pamphlet before its publication?

"Before opening the meeting we made the church acquainted with our design, and while singing the opening hymn, the Holy Spirit was sensibly felt. Several sung in tongues, and while engaged in prayer, the veil was at least partly rent, and the manifestation of the Spirit was such as was seldom witnessed by mortals on earth. I have been a member of the church some twenty-three years, and in the course of my ministry have witnessed the manifestation of the Spirit in many of the branches, but never had witnessed what I did that evening. God was truly with us, and many felt to say with the poet, 'Angels are now hovering o'er us.' This was on the eve of the 9th of January, 1853, ever

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