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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 6 Page: 67 (~1830)

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AFTER the events heretofore recorded the instruction given seems to be by way of preparation for the grand event of setting up or organizing the Church of God upon earth. This marks another important epoch in the history of this generation. What strikes the reader with peculiar emphasis is that notwithstanding the events and experiences related are of thrilling interest and importance, Joseph makes no effort at display or embellishment, but relates his narrative in a plain, unvarnished way, as though conscious of the strength of his position, and recognizing no need of a special effort to bolster it up.

He writes:-

"In this manner did the Lord continue to give us instructions from time to time, concerning the duties which now devolved upon us, and among many other things of the kind, we obtained of him the following, by the Spirit of prophecy and revelation; which not only gave us much information, but also pointed out to us the precise day upon which, according to his will and commandment, we should proceed to organize his church once again here upon the earth:-

"The rise of the Church of Christ in these last days,

(page 67)

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