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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 20 Page: 531 (~1835)

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531 CHAPTER, 20


AFTER the departure of Joseph from Clay County, Missouri, on June 9, 1834, the church in Missouri continued its exertions to obtain a recognition of its rights.

On July 12,1834, and also on the 31st, the High Council in Zion held meetings. 1

1 On the 12th, the High Council of Zion assembled in Clay County, and appointed Edward Partridge, Orson Pratt, Isaac Morley, and Zebedee Coltrin to visit the scattered and afflicted brethren in that region, and teach them the ways of truth and holiness, and set them in order according as the Lord should direct; but, that it was not wisdom for the elders generally to hold public meetings in that region. It was decided that Amasa Lyman assist Lyman Wight in his mission, of gathering the strength of the Lord's house, as I had appointed him.

July 31. The High Council of Zion assembled, and heard the report of Edward Partridge, Orson Pratt, Zebedee Coltrin, and Isaac Morley concerning the mission appointed them at the previous council. President David Whitmer gave the council some good instructions; that it was their duty to transact all business in order, and when any case is brought forward for investigation, every member should be attentive and patient to what is passing, in all cases, and avoid confusion and contention, which is offensive in the sight of the Lord. He also addressed the elders, and said it was not pleasing in the sight of the Lord for any man to go forth to preach the gospel of peace unless he is qualified to set forth its principles in plainness to those he endeavors to instruct; and also the rules and regulations of the Church of Latter Day Saints; for just as a man is, and as he teaches and acts, so will his followers be, let them be ever so full of notions and whims. He also addressed the congregation, and told them that it was not wisdom for the brethren to vote at the approaching election, and the council acquiesced in the instructions of the President.

William W. Phelps proposed to the council to appoint a certain number of elders to hold public meetings in that section of country, as often as should be deemed necessary, to teach the disciples how to escape the indignation of their enemies, and keep in favor with those who were friendly disposed; and Simeon Carter, John Corrill, Parley P. Pratt, and Orson Pratt were appointed by the unanimous voice of the council and congregation to fill the mission.

The council gave the following letter to the elders appointed to visit the churches in Clay County, etc.:-

"To the Latter Day Saints who have been driven from the land of

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