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Source: Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 19 Page: 376 (~1839-1840)

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376 CHAPTER 19.


THE mission of the committee to Washington, so far as immediate and visible results were concerned, seemed to have been a failure. Yet they had been obedient to the commands of God, and what real effect it may have had or may yet have, no one can tell.

Elder Rigdon, of the committee who left Commerce on October 29,1839, was quite ill during the journey, which delayed them considerably.

On November 1, they met Dr. R. D. Foster, who accompanied them for the purpose of waiting upon Elder Rigdon.

A letter from Joseph explains the situation and is valuable as showing Joseph's feeling towards his family. 1

1 SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, November 9, 1839.

My Dear Wife.-

Perhaps you may think strange that we are not further on our journey at this date, but I will say that we have done all that we could for the safety of Elder Rigdon on account of his weak state of health, and this morning we are under the necessity of leaving him at Bro. Snyder's and pursuing our journey without him. We think he will soon recover his health, as he is not dangerously sick; We regret that he cannot go on with us very much, but cannot help ourselves, but must commit him to the hands of God, and go on, being filled with constant anxiety for our families and friends behind.

I shall be filled with constant anxiety about you and the children until I hear from you, and in a particular manner little Frederick. It was so painful to leave him sick. I hope you will watch over those tender offspring in a manner that is becoming a mother and a saint, and try to cultivate their minds and learn them to read and be sober. Do not let them be exposed to the weather to take cold, and try to get all the rest you can. It will be a long and lonesome time during my absence from you, and nothing but a sense of humanity could have urged me on to so great a sacrifice. But shall I see so many perish and not seek redress? No I will try this once in the name of the Lord; therefore be patient until I come, and do the best you can.

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