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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 16 Page: 315 (~1864)

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315 CHAPTER 16


THE year 1863 opened with encouraging prospects, though perplexing hindrances had not all disappeared.

The Annual Conference convened at Amboy, Lee County, Illinois, April 6; Joseph Smith President, Isaac Sheen and J. W. Gillen clerks. The following branches reported:-

Nauvoo, Mission, Batavia, Fox River, Marengo, Plano, Amboy, Buffalo Prairie, Abingdon, Princeville, and Pittsfield, Illinois; Little River, Belvidere, Keokuk, String Prairie, Montrose, Nashville, Butternut Grove, and Fremont County, Iowa; Burlington, Union, Geneva, and Wolf River, Wisconsin; Galien and Swan Creek, Michigan; Whitestown and Union, Indiana; Pittsburg [Pittsburgh] and Allegheny, Pennsylvania; Wassoja, Minnesota.

The following-named elders reported:-

J. W. Briggs, W. W. Blair, John Landers, Z. H. Gurley [Sen.], J. W. Gillen, A. M. Wilsey, James Blakeslee, John Shippy, Francis Reynolds, E. C. Briggs, Nathan Lindsey, Andrew Cairns, H. Lytle, C. G. Lanphear, William Anderson, Charles Williams, Henry Cuerden, Horace Bartlett, Charles Jones, Briggs Alden, George Morey.

The following resolutions were passed:-

"Resolved, that the seventh resolution in the 'Word of Consolation' be reaffirmed, which says:-

"'7. Resolved, that in the opinion of this conference there is no stake to which the saints on this continent are commanded to gather at the present time; but, that the saints on all other lands are commanded to gather to this land,

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