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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 31 Page: 590 (~1871)

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590 CHAPTER 31.


IN the Herald for July 1, 1870, the editor gave the following brief summary of work done in different parts:-

"There were some thirty baptized in Utah about the first of the last month; three at Nauvoo on the 12th; two at Burlington, Wisconsin, on the 19th; and Bro. Blair has baptized thirty in Floyd and Crawford counties, Indiana, and three in Michigan. Bro. Ells writes of numbers uniting at Pittsburg [Pittsburgh] and in Ohio. Some thirteen have united in the Kent and Elgin conferences in Canada. A number have been baptized in Michigan by Bro. Henry C. Smith, E. C. Briggs, and T. W. Smith. Four have united near Osseo, Wisconsin, in the ministry of C. W. Lange. J. M. Wait, we are informed, is on the move in Wisconsin with Bro. Gilbert Watson. Elder Forscutt is busy in central Illinois. Bro. Wilsey is in eastern Iowa. Bro. J. S. Patterson is active in the Kewanee district. Bro. Z. H. Gurley is in Wisconsin, near Blanchardville; he has baptized three. Bro. A. G. Weeks is also moving in south Iowa. Bro. A. Sharer is still preaching in the circuit where we last noticed him. Bros. D. H. Bays, Stephen Maloney, and others are keeping the outposts in Kansas. Bros. J. S. Lee, William Summerfield, R. A. Marchant, James F. Wilson, Christian Andreason, are all at work in northwest Missouri. Bros. H. J. Hudson at Columbus; G. Hatt, J. Gilbert, J. Avondet, and Muller at Omaha; Z. Martin and Webb at De Soto; J. W. Waldsmith, R. C. B. and R. M. Elvin, James Kemp and others at Nebraska City, are all working in Nebraska. The 'host' who are laboring in the St. Louis conference with Bro. William H. Hazzledine, are carrying on the war with

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