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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 9 Page: 140 (~1876)

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140 CHAPTER 9.


THE papers about this time announced the death of Sidney Rigdon who died at Friendship, Allegheny County, New York, on July 14, 1876. His name will be found quite frequently in volumes one and two of this work, and a short biography will be found in volume 1, pages 129-142, and 638-641.

The Herald of July 15, 1876, notices a communication from Elder Thomas Taylor, of Birmingham, England, as follows:

Numbers from the Brighamite organization have seen the error of that system, and have already this year identified themselves with the cause and taken fellowship with the Reorganized Church; also that these all have received a satisfactory evidence for themselves that the work is of God.

July 17 President Joseph Smith left Plano for a trip to the Pacific Slope and the West, an account of which will be given principally in his own language in the next chapter.

A letter from Elder H. N. Hansen, dated Crescent City, Iowa, July 18, announced his return from Europe, and he reports encouragingly of prospects there. He reported the baptism of six in Aalborg, and three in Copenhagen.

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