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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 12 Page: 242 (~1860)

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242 CHAPTER 12.


THE year 1860 opened with new hope born of manifestations and testimonies pointing to the new year as destined to be one of great importance to the church.

The expected periodical appeared in January, bearing the title of "The True Latter Day Saints' Herald." It contained a statement from the "publishing committee" setting forth the purpose and position of the paper, 1 while the issues between the Reorganization and other organizations were freely discussed in its pages. This

1 Brethren and Sisters:-It is the design of the church to publish this monthly, for at least six numbers, when, if called for and the condition of the church will justify it, a press will be bought and a weekly or semimonthly will be issued in its stead.

That a church paper is very much needed, it requires no argument to prove. We want it, that through it the great work of these latter days may be presented to the world of mankind in its true light; that the saints who are in transgression may be shown their sins, and likewise their duty to God; that those who are deceived by false teachers, and have "given heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils," may be redeemed from their errors and taught the "way of life everlasting."

And again, that false claimants to the Presidency of the Church may be rebuked, and their iniquity disclosed, by showing forth the "order" of the priesthood-the promises of God to those who are "heirs according to the flesh," and by presenting "the law of Christ," by which all must be "sanctified" who abide a celestial glory. (See Book of Covenants 7: 5.)

And furthermore we want it as a medium through which the members can communicate their sentiments to each other, and through which (as well as to preach the word) the ministry can herald "life and immortality" to all flesh. And we believe if well sustained it will prove a mighty means in bringing about a unity of faith and works among all the scattered saints, and of calling the attention of the world at large to the notable fact that God is even now performing among the nations "a

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