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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 16 Page: 424 (~1830)

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THE year 1834 opened with activity upon the part of the church in Kirtland. The leading officers humbled themselves in special and earnest prayer for certain purposes. Of this and other items of history the writings of Joseph Smith are the best authority. He states:-

"On the evening of the eleventh of January, Joseph Smith, Jr., Frederick G. Williams, Newel E. Whitney, John Johnson, Oliver Cowdery, and Orson Hyde united in prayer, and asked the Lord to grant the following petitions:-

"That the Lord would grant that our lives might be precious in his sight, that he would watch over our persons, and give his angels charge concerning us and our families, that no evil nor unseen hand might be permitted to harm us. . .

"That the Lord would grant that Brother Joseph might prevail over his enemy, even Doctor Hurlbut, who has threatened his life, whom Joseph has caused to be taken with a precept; that the Lord would fill the heart of the court with a spirit to do justice, and cause that the law of the land may be magnified in bringing him to justice.

"That the Lord would provide in the order of his providence the bishop of this church with means sufficient to discharge every debt that the order owes, in due season, that the church may not be brought into disrepute and the saints be afflicted by the hands of their enemies.

"That the Lord would protect our printing press from the

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