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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 20 Page: 363 (~1882)

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363 CHAPTER 20.


On July 2, 1881, the nation was plunged into gloom by the attempted assassination of James A. Garfield, President of the United States. The Saints who had experienced the result of this lawless spirit of violence and mobocracy could feel the situation as keenly as any, and they deeply deplored the dastardly act, and realized keenly the anxiety felt over the life of the chief executive.

The General Conference, held near Council Bluffs, Iowa, on September 3 adopted the following:

Resolved, That this conference, during its sessions, especially remember President James A. Garfield in this hour of his and the nation's severe trial; and that we unite our prayers continually for his recovery and restoration to health. That we tender to Mrs. Garfield and the President our heartfelt sympathy in this their great and terrible affliction.

Resolved, That the president of the conference be instructed to forward these resolutions by telegraph to the President and family.

After several weeks of intense and heroic suffering the end

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