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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 5 Page: 71 (~1875)

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JULY 15 The Saints' Herald contained an editorial on the condition of President D. H. Smith, and also regarding affairs in and around Nauvoo, that, though sad in some regards, will be interesting. It is as follows:

When we last wrote respecting Bro. David H. Smith's health, we were in receipt of comforting and assuring letters; since then, we have been troubled again by a partial relapse in his malady that dims our assurances. We have visited him and find him much disturbed mentally, as well as bodily, but hope that continued freedom from labor may reinstate him altogether. As our colaborer in the work we miss his cheering voice and pleasant counsels; and our constant prayer is that he may soon be permitted to resume his ministerial duties.

In our visit to Nauvoo we had the pleasure of attending a two-day meeting at the Rock Creek Branch, ten miles east of Nauvoo, Bro. John H. Lake having charge. We met brethren from Pilot Grove and Elvaston, Brn. Wallace, Wells, Phelps, and others from the latter place; Brn. Salisbury, Dorothy and others from the former. During the meeting Brn. John H. Lake and Daniel Lambert addressed the people assembled. The neighborhood was well represented. Several of Bro. Richard Lambert's family , and of Brn. John and William Stevenson's family, Father Thomas Pitt and family, and Bro. Walter Head, and a host of others were present. Bro. David accompanied us and seemed to enjoy the meetings though he was quite wearied at the close. He took no part, only as a listener, now and then joining the singing.

It was a cheering sight to see so large a number present where, but a few years ago, it was hard work to get only a small gathering to hear.

Those patriarchs, Brn. Thomas Pitt and John Alston, who have

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