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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 26 Page: 468 (~1885)

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468 December 28,1884, Bishop David M. Gamet died at his home in Little Sioux, Iowa. He was born in the state of New York, in 1811. He united with the church in 1835, and labored for years in the traveling ministry. After the death of the Prophet he followed the party under Brigham Young as far as Western Iowa, and discovering things he believed to be radically wrong he refused to go farther. He remained in Western Iowa, locating at Little Sioux, Harrison County. In 1861 he united with the Reorganization under the ministry of Elder S. W. Condit, and again entered the ministry. He was subsequently ordained a bishop at Council Bluffs, Iowa, in October, 1866, under the hands of Joseph Smith and Charles Derry, and for a time acted as bishop for that region. Afterwards he acted as Bishop's agent. He presided for some time over the Little Sioux Branch, and also acted as counselor to the president of the High Priests' Quorum. He was highly esteemed and respected wherever he was known for honesty, integrity, and virtue.

On December 20, 1884, Elder J. F. Burton, his wife, and daughter Addie, arrived at Sydney, Australia, after a pleasant voyage from San Francisco of twenty-eight days. Elder Burton had been assigned to the Australasian Mission by the committee to whom the matter was referred at the annual conference of 1884.

This year was an eventful one in the line of church literature. It saw the inauguration of the Sunday-school lesson system, now a great feature of church work. Two church periodicals, The Vindicator of Truth and Sandhedens Banner, had been launched upon the literary sea; while preparations were completed to start the Expositor.

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