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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 13 Page: 231 (~1878)

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231 On this letter the Herald editor in the issue for August 1, commented as follows:

What a thrill of pleasure and "comfort of the Holy Ghost" accompanies the reading of Bro. D. H. Bays' letter from Texas. The scene at the water, where old Bro. Thompson testifies of the truth, is equal in its convincing force to that of Phillips' experience with the subject of Queen Candace.

About this time some of the elders of the Utah church were mobbed in the South, and the editor of the Herald made the following comment regarding it:

By a copy of the Evening News, Salt Lake City, Utah, for June 20, 1878, we learn that some of the polygamic elders preaching in Georgia, have been mobbed and driven away from their field of labor. We disapprove of intimidation and mob violence as arguments, or preventives against any system of faith, however inconsistent and absurd it may be; and though we do and probably always shall oppose the teaching of polygamy, we denounce the use of such abominable measures as those adopted by those who have thus driven the Salt Lake elders from their labor. No amount of violent opposition can prevent the march of truth; and error met by such arguments is partly sanctified in the minds of its adherents. Saints must be on their guard against encouraging mob violence of any sort; it is unbecoming the devotees of peace to countenance violence. Honorable means may be used to defeat what we have reason to believe is a gross error, but we should never consent to the use of dishonorable means to secure a temporary triumph.-The Saints' Herald, vol. 25, p. 217.

(page 231)

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