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Source: Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 29 Page: 638 (~1843)

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638 CHAPTER 29.


THE year 1843 commenced with intense anxiety in Nauvoo, occasioned by the suspense felt regarding the trial of Joseph Smith, the conclusion of which was recorded in the last chapter. As is natural in such cases all sorts of reports and theories were circulated, and various opinions were expressed as to the best policy to pursue should he be delivered up to the Missouri agent. Some views were of course conservative, while some were extreme. For none of these was the church responsible, for she defined no policy.

From a letter written by Justin Brooks in the November before, and published in Times and Seasons for January 2, 1843, it appears evident that the work was taking on a new impetus in Kirtland, Ohio, and vicinity; notwithstanding the reports abroad that the authorities of the church were in bad repute in their former home. 1

1 KIRTLAND, Ohio November 7, 1842.

Brother Joseph Smith; Sir:-I now take the opportunity to inform you, the brethren in Nauvoo. and all that feel interested in this last dispensation of Almighty God, which has been committed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that since our conference minutes were inclosed [enclosed], Elders Wight, Green, and Badlam have continued their labors in this place, up to this time, with great success; the Lord pouring out

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