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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 25 Page: 478 (~1868)

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478 CHAPTER 25.


ON July 19, 1867, W. J. Boleyne wrote from Birmingham, England, to President Smith as follows:-

"The gospel here is onward. There is a great work being done around Birmingham. We are baptizing almost every week, and the saints are rejoicing in the glorious gifts of the gospel. Truly do they thank God that he has enabled you to withstand the temptations of the Brighamite Church; and that you have come forth to offer them again the pure law given to your father. The Brighamites are losing ground here. They are fast turning to the side of truth. But they say they have been told by their elders that you will desert your post, and follow Brigham. We ever pray that you may stand faithful to God and his people.

"Bro. George Hatt has done a good work here. He has been untiring in his labors for the good of the saints and the work of God. He has proven by his walk that he is a man of God. The saints are anxiously looking for Bro. J. W. Briggs. For there are some large branches, and they are longing for the time to come when they will be organized in conference, and be able to meet together in that capacity.

"In a place called Chasetown, in Staffordshire, the meetings are largely attended by strangers, in numbers varying from one thousand to fifteen hundred people. There are few preachers here. I now conclude, praying God to bless the saints everywhere."-The Saints' Herald, vol. 12, pp. 92, 93.

(page 478)

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