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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 23 Page: 583 (~1830-1835)

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583 CHAPTER 23.


ON August 21, 1835, nine of the Twelve met in conference at Saco, Maine.

On August 23, Joseph Smith returned to Kirtland from his mission to Michigan.

August 28, 1835, the Twelve met at Farmington, Maine, and organized the Maine conference. The same day Joseph preached in Kirtland on the duty of wives.

On September 1, 1835, Joseph wrote the following to John Whitmer, which was published in the Messenger and Advocate. It will be valuable as showing the attitude of Joseph on the gathering, Zion, and other things.

"To the Elders of the Church of Latter Day Saints:-

"After so long a time, and after so many things having been said, I feel it my duty to drop a few hints, that perhaps the elders traveling through the world to warn the inhabitants of the earth to flee the wrath to come and save themselves from this untoward generation, may be aided in a measure, in doctrine, and in the way of their duty. I have been laboring in this cause for eight years, during which time I have traveled much, and have had much experience. I removed from Seneca County, New York, to Geauga County, Ohio, in February, 1831.

"Having received by an heavenly vision a commandment, in June following, to take my journey to the western boundaries

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