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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 39 Page: 670 (~1830)

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DAVID HYRUM, the youngest son of Joseph the Seer, and Emma Smith, and second counselor to President Joseph Smith, was born November 17, 1844, at Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. The date of his birth is given elsewhere as November 18, but this is incorrect.

The cruel murder of his father had occurred the June previous, and it can be imagined that his earlier surroundings were not of the most pleasant nature.

His school education was limited; but being an insatiable reader, and a student of nature as well, this disadvantage was largely overcome. He early manifested considerable power and talent as a writer, a musician, and an artist with pencil and brush. He is probably most widely known through his poetical works collected in the book entitled, "Hesperis," and through the songs of his composition published in the Saints' Harp and in the Hymnal.

Those with whom he was intimate remember him as a man passionately fond of music and flowers, deeply moved by all things beautiful; melancholy at times, yet sunny-tempered; possessed of a strong sense of humor; loving, sympathetic, humble.

He became identified with the Reorganization in 1861, being baptized October 27, at Montrose, Iowa, by Elder John Shippy. So far as we know he ever remained true to his allegiance. Unlike some who were ready to sacrifice the cause of Zion for personal glorification he answered those who tempted

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