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Source: Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 6 Page: 98 (~1837)

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RESUMING the general thread of history we quote from Joseph Smith as follows:-

"During the winter, the house of the Lord at Kirtland was filled to overflowing with attentive hearers, mostly communicants; and in the evenings of the same, the singers met under the direction of Elders Luman Carter and Jonathan Crosby, Jr., who gave instructions in the principles of vocal music.

"On Monday evenings the Quorum of High Priests meet in the west room of the attic story, where they transact the business of their particular quorum. On Tuesday evenings the Seventies occupy the same room. On Wednesday evenings the rooms are occupied by the Quorum of Elders. And on Thursday, p. m., a prayer meeting is held in the lower part of the house, free for all, though generally conducted by Patriarch Joseph Smith, Sr. The Twelve, the High Council, and other quorums, generally, meet each week to transact business, and during the week the 'Kirtland High School' is taught in the attic story, by H. M. Hawes, Esq., professor of the Greek and Latin languages. The school numbers from one hundred and thirty-five to one hundred and forty students, divided into three departments; the classics, where the languages only are

(page 98)

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