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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 35 Page: 687 (~1872)

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687 CHAPTER 35.


JANUARY 5, 1872, Elder Thomas Taylor, of Birmingham, England, wrote of prospects there as follows:-

"The work generally in this country looks encouraging. The saints who are coming into the church seem to be of the right kind. Bro. Coward in Liverpool will yet do a good work, but he is a man very much shaken in nerves. He is a thoroughly good man. Bro. Ennion is equally good; but weak in body and far advanced in years. But I pray the Lord to strengthen them, and enable them to do a good work. We have just received an encouraging letter from Bro. Briggs, and are anxiously looking for one from Bro. Ells."-The Saints, Herald, vol. 19, p. 152.

On January 15, Elder W. W. Blair wrote of the work in western Iowa as follows:-

"My meetings at Galland's Grove and at Manteno were very largely attended, and we hope for excellent results. There are many noble souls in Galland's Grove and vicinity, and I look to see the work of God continue to thrive there. My meetings here, yesterday, were well attended, though the Methodists are having a revival, lessening the attendance to some degree. The saints feel well, and the interest in their meetings is on the increase of late."-The Saints' Herald, vol. 19, p. 86.

The following clipping from the editorial column of the Herald for February 15, 1872, is worthy of preservation, as it shows the esteem in which one of the elders of the church was held in political circles, not only by his own, but also by the opposing party:-

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