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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 17 Page: 336

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336 CHAPTER 17.


IN the early months of 1864 the missionary force was quite active and their reports very encouraging. They were meeting representatives of the different factions every where, and with commendable courage were declaring their willingness and anxiety to compare views and honorably meeting existing issues. They were generally avoided, however, by the advocates of other claims. Especially is this true of the representatives of the Utah faction. For about twelve years before this date the elders of the Reorganization had sought to have them meet the issues in honorable controversy, but they had persistently refused. This effort has been continued until the present time, and as yet the representatives of the Reorganization have not been able to get the Utah elders to squarely meet the issue.

There was a special conference held at Galland's Grove, Iowa, March 12, 13. J. A. McIntosh presided; Nathan Lindsey was clerk.

The Annual Conference met April 6, 1864, at Amboy, Lee County, Illinois. Presidents Joseph Smith and William Marks presided, and Isaac Sheen and J. W. Gillen were clerks.

The forenoon session was occupied by President Smith in appropriate instruction. There were present two of the First Presidency, four of the Twelve, one high priest, one bishop, six of the High Council, eight of the Seventy, eighteen elders, one priest, two teachers, and one deacon.

The following branches reported:-

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