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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 28 Page: 486 (~1886)

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486 CHAPTER 28.


JUNE 1 the spirit of opposition against Utah elders culminated in the forcible banishment from Jutland, Denmark, of Elders Ferdinand F. Hintze, Christian N. Lundsten, Jens Nielson, and Neils Hansen, for preaching their doctrines; and on June 4 Elder John P. Ihsen was brought on board the steamer Milo, at Copenhagen, Denmark, by the police officers, having been banished from the country for preaching the doctrines of the Utah Mormons.

The Vindicator of Truth, the official publication of the Reorganization in England, in its issue for June, thus speaks of two important items of business transacted at their recent annual conference:

First. The question of making the church in this country self-supporting was presented, resulting in the appointment of a committee to ascertain the general feeling of the branches in this country, and to formulate a scheme whereby self-support may be had. The committee consists of Brn. T. Taylor, C. H. Caton, J. Dewsnup, and Henry Greenwood.

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