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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 6 Page: 90 (~1875)

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THE Herald entered the new year with the following exhortation, and encouragement:

We hail the readers of the Herald with a glad New Year! The old year-once new-has grown old with usage; and Time, with ever hastening feet, has given the full measure to the days as they passed, until, the complement filled, the end has come-and the old, old year is past.

To some the hours of the past year have hasted slowly, as on leaden wings; pain, sorrow, and grief have been their constant guests, unwelcome, but ever present. Loved ones, tried and true ones, to whom they ever looked for aid and human solace, have gone down to the silent land, and their hearts have been left desolate.

To some the days have been full of temptation; all round them have lain the pitfalls of pride, lust, envy, ambition, and the love of the things of this world-and to them the lagging days have been but waymarks that distinguish for them the battle places of triumphs and defeats; and they are contented though sad, to see how few the triumphs have been. They are still battling, and to them the old year goes out with a sigh, because the turning of the glass shows that there must be a renewal of the struggle, and they fear lest they, like the departing year, may have grown old for the conflict. To some the months of the year past have been but so many slowly moving months of trial, in which there have not been to them many cases for rest and peace from care and anxiety in the tiresome journeying; no halting places in vineyards of spiritual recuperation and delight have been offered to their hesitating steps, where they would gladly have waited till the storms were overpast; no cessation of the watchfulness against their easily besetting sin has been permitted

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