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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 39 Page: 753

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753 CHAPTER 39.

IN this chapter we give biographies of those who were chosen apostles subsequently to the choosing of the first seven, and prior to the closing of this volume, except that of President W. W. Blair, whose biography appears with the First Presidency in chapter 37. Had we succeeded in getting another year of history in this volume, there would have been six more to add to this list who must now be reserved for volume 4, viz.: W. H. Kelley, James Caffall, J. H. Lake, T. W. Smith, Z. H. Gurley, Jr., and J. R. Lambert.


Samuel Powers was born near Brockville, Ontario, December 17, 1819. He was married to Miss Maria M. Moulton, near Orono, Ontario, January 26, 1842. Nine children were born as the result of this union, four sons and five daughters. Five children are yet living, one son and four daughters, viz.: Ambrose Calvin, of Beloit, Wisconsin; Julia Maria, now Mrs. Elmer E. Nye, of Los Angeles, California; Mary Dorilla, now Mrs. Jerome Terwilliger, of Clinton, Iowa; Nellie Salena, now Mrs. Louis E. Hills, of Marion, Iowa; and Ella Salena, now Mrs. George M. Cator, of Marion, Iowa. The last two are twins. Those dead are the eldest two, Edwin and Dorwin (twins), who lived but about two weeks; Clarence Samuel, the fourth child, who died when nearly nine months old; and Adelina Rebecca, the fifth child, who died in February, 1888, the wife of Edward D. Connor, of Clinton, Iowa.

Either before or after marriage, we are not informed which, Mr. and Mrs. Powers united with the Christian Church, then known as Disciples. Shortly after marriage they heard an Elder Savage, of the Latter Day Saints,

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