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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 14 Page: 282 (~1862)

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282 CHAPTER 14.


THE year 1861 was bright with promise, and glad hearts in many places were receiving the message of joy as it passed from friend to friend and from place to place. "Young Joseph has come," was often the first greeting when friends met. Then with sober thought and anxious countenance they would canvass his claims, comparing them with the revelations of God, while praying for light to decide wisely. Some were slow to act, remembering how often they had been betrayed, their hopes blasted, and their confidence misplaced.

Prior to the time when Joseph Smith took his place as President of the Church, no claim had been made by the people in the West that Brigham Young had been specially called as President of the High Priesthood, but they were content to have it appear that he was elevated to that position by virtue of his calling as President of the Quorum of the Twelve. But on October 7, 1860, Orson Hyde, then recognized by them as President of the Twelve, made the startling announcement that Brigham Young had, by a special revelation, accompanied by a wonderful manifestation, been called to occupy this position. He said:-

"First and foremost, I will briefly allude to some aspirants to office and honors in the church of which we are members. There have been aspirants to the Presidency of this church ever since the death of Joseph Smith, and even before. It may be regarded as lost time to allude to these things at all by which any portion of the day is consumed. But, brethren

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