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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 7 Page: 159 (~1846-49)

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159 CHAPTER 7.


On January 20, 1846, the High Council published the following instruction, and declaration of intention:-


"To the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and to all Whom it may concern; greeting.

"Beloved Brethren and Friends:- We the members of the High Council of the church, by the voice of all her authorities, have unitedly and unanimously agreed, and embrace this opportunity to inform you, that we intend to send out into the western country from this place, sometime in the early part of the month of March, a company of pioneers, consisting mostly of young, hardy men, with some families. These are destined to be furnished with an ample outfit, taking with them a printing press, farming utensils of all kinds, with mill irons and bolting cloths, seeds of all kinds, grain, etc.

"The object of this early move is to put in a spring crop, to build houses, and to prepare for the reception of families who will start so soon as grass shall be sufficiently grown to sustain teams and stock. Our pioneers are instructed to proceed west until they find a good place to make a crop, in some good valley in the neighborhood of the Rocky Mountains, where they will infringe upon no one, and be not likely to be infringed upon. Here we will make a resting place, until we can determine a place for a permanent location. In the event of the President's recommendation to build blockhouses and stockade forts on the route to Oregon, becoming a law, we have encouragements of having that

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