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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 25 Page: 643 (~1830-1835)

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643 CHAPTER 25.

WE herein propose to give short sketches of the lives of the Twelve Apostles in the order in which they were chosen.


Lyman E. Johnson, though the youngest of the Twelve chosen in 1835, and for that reason ranked as number twelve in the final arrangement, was the first chosen. He was the son of John and Elsa Johnson, and was born in Pomfret, Windsor County, Vermont, October 24, 1811.

He was baptized in February, 1831, by Sidney Rigdon. In November, 1831, he was mentioned by revelation in connection with his brother Luke, Orson Hyde, and W. E. McLellin, in a commission to preach the gospel and administer its ordinances. (Doctrine and Covenants 68:1.) He labored as a missionary in Ohio, the Eastern States, and Nova Scotia.

In 1834 he went to Missouri in Zion's camp. In February, 1835, he was ordained an apostle of the Quorum of Twelve; after that he was constantly engaged in the ministry until the fall of 1836, when partaking of the spirit of speculation then so prevalent in Kirtland, he commenced merchandising.

At a conference held in Kirtland, September 3, 1837, he was rejected as an apostle and suspended from fellowship, for leaving the duties of his calling and engaging in other occupations.

On the 10th he was restored to fellowship and permitted to retain his apostleship It does not appear, however, that he quit his merchandising at that time.

On the 13th of April, 1838, he was expelled from the church at Far West, Missouri, for what cause does not

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