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Source: Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 25 Page: 568 (~1842)

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568 CHAPTER 25


WE will open this chapter with the words of Joseph Smith, under date of January 6, 1842:-

"Thursday, 6th. The new year has been ushered in and continued thus far under the most favorable auspices, and the saints seem to be influenced by a kind and indulgent Providence in their dispositions and means to rear the temple of the Most High God, anxiously looking forth to the completion thereof as an event of the greatest importance to the church and the world, making the saints in Zion to rejoice, and the hypocrite and sinner to tremble. Truly this is a day long to be remembered by the saints of the last days, a day in which the God of heaven has begun to restore the ancient order of his kingdom unto his servants and his people; a day in which all things are concurring to bring about the completion of the fullness of the gospel, a fullness of the dispensation of dispensations, even the fullness of times; a day in which God has begun to make manifest and set in order his church, those things which have been, and those things which the ancient prophets and wise men desired to see, but died without beholding it; a day in which those things begin to be made manifest which have been hid from before the foundation of the world, and which Jehovah has promised should be made known in his own due time, unto his servants, to prepare the earth for the return of his glory, even a celestial glory, and a kingdom of priests and kings to God and the Lamb forever, on Mount Zion, or the hundred and forty and four

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