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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 8 Page: 122 (~1876)

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122 CHAPTER 8.


THE Herald for January 15, 1876, contained the following editorial, which will be a fitting opening to the records of the year:

Were it possible, we would like to begin the year with a flourish of trumpets, and a greeting that would infuse new energy and life into every individual member, every officer, every conference, district, and branch. But we can not discover, just now, any potent elixir at our command, with which to do so wonderful a work; and yet we can not divest ourselves of the constantly recurring reflection that the prize that we are striving for is at the end of the race, and though we should run swiftly, and with oft-repeated bursts of enthusiasm, we shall not reach and obtain the prize until that end is reached. For this reason, we are contented to plod steadily, making what forward progress we may, and refusing to go backward.

That we have come forward since last we greeted you with a "Happy New Year," few would care to deny; but we are not yet so far progressed that we may not go further is clear.

(page 122)

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