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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 30 Page: 561 (~1870)

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561 CHAPTER 30.


THE year 1870 opened with bright prospects, though obstacles of a vexing and perplexing nature had not all disappeared.

January 4, Elder George M. Rush wrote from West Meryston, Scotland, that prospects were some brighter in that land, although persecution, mostly from the Brighamites, was very bitter.

The committee appointed at the Semiannual Conference of 1869 to ascertain the cost of a suitable tent in which to hold conferences, published a report, January 15, to the effect that a suitable tent, 5O x 77 feet, would cost about five hundred dollars.

Elder W. W. Blair, on January 24, wrote from Salt Lake City, Utah, regarding the Harrison and Godbe movement. His theory was that it was a phase of spiritualism. He gave reasons for his conclusion.

Much inquiry and controversy arose about this time regarding the duties of district president, and President Smith was solicited to define said duties, which he did, as follows:-

"The presiding officer of a district should seek to obtain the good will of the congregations, and the individuals of which his district is composed. In securing this good will, he should be humble, faithful, and diligent. His first

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