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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 35 Page: 616 (~1889)

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616 CHAPTER 35.


ON the first Sunday in January, 1889, a house of worship, recently erected in Davis City, Iowa, was first opened for services, Elder Henry A. Stebbin preaching the opening sermon.

January 6 a debate was commenced at Wheelers Grove, Iowa, between Elder Henry Kemp and Major Howe, of the Adventist Church. The question discussed was what is known as the soul question, Elder Howe contending that the spirit of man was unconscious after death. Subsequently Elder W. E. Peak discussed the same question with Elder Howe at the same place.

About this time a movement was made to build a college at Lamoni, Iowa. The first thought was to organize a joint-stock company for this purpose, with a capital stock of about fifty thousand dollars or more. Later E. L. Kelley, at the instance of President Smith, Bishop George A. Blakeslee, and others, prepared articles of association which were published. in the Herald for January 12. The Board of Trade of Lamoni, Iowa, had recently taken some action in

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