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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 3 Page: 23 (~1829)

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1828 - 1829.

MR. HARRIS returned home and arranged his business affairs, then went to Harmony, Pennsylvania, where Joseph was, and began writing for him. He commenced writing about April 12, 1828, and continued until June 14, when he had written one hundred and sixteen pages of foolscap.

He then became very solicitous for permission to show the manuscript to his family and friends. He gained this permission, after much importuning, on conditions that he was to show it to none except his brother, his own wife, his father and mother, and a Mrs. Cobb, a sister to his wife.

He placed himself under solemn covenant to Joseph Smith to observe these conditions, but when he had gained possession of the manuscript, through anxiety and zeal to promulgate the record, or for other reasons, he took the liberty to show it to others, contrary to his obligation. In some way some of his supposed friends got the manuscript from him, and it was never recovered.

For this breach of trust he was rebuked, and he humbled himself in much sorrow and contrition of spirit. Joseph Smith was also rebuked for trusting him, and for repeatedly entreating the Lord for his consent after having been denied.

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