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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 37 Page: 721 (~1830)

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THIS volume contains considerable of the biography of President Joseph Smith, and his subsequent work is closely associated with the narrative of history.

In this chapter we give short biographies of other members of the First Presidency who came into prominent positions prior to the time of the closing of this volume. We had hoped to include one year more of the history, and bring in the biographies of Presidents A. H. and D. H. Smith, who were called to leading positions in 1873, but space forbids.


William Marks, First Counselor to President Joseph Smith, was born in Rutland, Vermont, November 15, 1792. We know but little of his family or his early life. We do not know just when he united with the church, but he was prominently mentioned as early as September, 1837, he being chosen a member of the High Council at Kirtland on the third of that month. On the 17th of the same month he was appointed agent for Bishop N. K. Whitney, to transact the business of the Bishop at Kirtland, in order to liberate the Bishop so that he might travel, as provided for in the revelation of September, 1832. (See D. C. 83:23.)

In 1838, Joseph Smith saw William Marks in vision, wherein his future was shown, and it was plainly revealed that the Lord would, after severe trials, raise him "up for a blessing unto many people," and cause him to triumph over his enemies. (See this work, vol. 2, p. 147.) This was remarkably verified by his experience at Nauvoo, his career in searching for the right way among the many factions of the church. and his finally finding rest and peace in the

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