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Source: Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 23 Page: 501 (~1841)

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501 CHAPTER 23.


THE year 1841 opened with fair prospects at home and abroad. Nauvoo had just been favored with a charter granting extraordinary privileges. Everywhere throughout the States and Canada the ministry were finding willing ears to hear the message, and multitudes were becoming obedient. Nauvoo was growing as if by magic, numbering already some three thousand inhabitants. England, Wales, and Scotland had heard the sound and were responding with unexampled enthusiasm and zeal; especially was this true of England.

Under these circumstances, having just emerged from the dark cloud of Missouri's oppression, it was but natural that they should feel glad, and thankfully rejoice. Yes, it may be that some of them had then to an extent become arrogant, proud, and boastful, neglecting to be as humble and devoted as they were under more adverse circumstances; and it may be, too, that this proud spirit increased as their prosperity increased. If so, it was but the outcropping of nature and what might reasonably be expected of any community similarly situated; but that they will compare favorably with any other people in similar conditions of which history speaks, must be conceded. This will be apparent to a close and fair investigator.

On January 15, 1841, the First Presidency made a general

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