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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 7 Page: 107 (~1876)

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107 CHAPTER 7.


ON JULY 10, 1875, Martin Harris died at Clarkston, Cache County, Utah. The following obituary was written by his son and published in the Ogden Junction:

Died at Clarkston, Cache County, Utah, July 10, 1875, of old age, Martin Harris, Sr.; aged 92 years, 1 month, and 22 days.

Deceased was born May 18, 1783, at Easttown, Saratoga County, in the state of New York, from which place he moved with his father's family in his ninth year to the town of Palmyra, Ontario County (now Wayne), in the same State. In the fall of 1827 he became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith, and learned all the facts about the Book of Mormon, and became perfectly satisfied in his own mind of its divine origin. Without delay or hesitation he identified himself with the Prophet Joseph Smith, and from that time forward rendered him every assistance in his power to forward the divine work, and to establish the true church of Christ upon the earth in this dispensation.

He went, by the request of the Prophet Joseph Smith, to the city of New York and presented a transcript of the records of the Book of Mormon to Professor Anthon and Doctor Mitchill and asked them to translate it. He also presented the same transcript to many other learned men at the different schools of learning in Geneva, Utica, and Albany with the same request, but was unsuccessful in obtaining the translation of the

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