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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 12 Page: 289 (~1833)

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289 CHAPTER 12.


IN April, 1833, there commenced a series of persecutions and outrages which has no parallel in the history of our country. We heartily wish we could pass these things unnoticed; but alas! they are a part of the history, and must be recorded. We are not willing to say that the Latter Day Saints always acted wisely, or that they were in every particular right. Joseph Smith acknowledged that, at the time, and doubtless many others have acknowledged the same. He wrote:-

"But to return to my subject: After having ascertained the very spot, and having the happiness of seeing quite a number of the families of my brethren comfortably situated upon the land, I took leave of them and journeyed back to Ohio, and used every influence and argument that lay in my power to get those who believe in the everlasting covenant, whose circumstances would admit and whose families were willing to remove to the place which I now designate to be the land of Zion. And thus the sound of the gathering, and of the doctrine, went abroad into the world; and many, we have reason to fear, having a zeal not according to knowledge, not understanding the pure principles of the doctrine of the church, have no doubt, in the heat of enthusiasm, taught and said many things which are derogatory to the

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