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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 27 Page: 499 (~1869)

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499 CHAPTER 27.


THE Editor of the Herald, on July 1, 1868, briefly stated the situation as follows:-

"An increasing activity is manifested in the various directions where the elders are preaching.

"Bro. S. Powers writing from Lafayette, Iowa, says that an excellent opportunity is afforded for the preaching of the word.

"A new branch is organized in Hardin County, Iowa, of eighteen members. It is near the home of Bro. Jason W. Briggs.

"Bro. Thomas W. Smith writes of good being done in or near South Brooksville, Maine.

"In fact it does seem that wherever an effort is being made souls are being won to Christ. Fifteen or twenty were baptized at St. Louis week before last, who recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd calling them to come to him that he might heal them. We congratulate the brethren of St. Louis upon the efficiency of their labor there."-The Saints' Herald, vol. 14, p. 10.

July 1, Elder A. M. Wilsey, of the Presidents of the Seventy, in accordance with the resolution of General Conference, wrote the following request and published it in the Herald for July 15-

"A call to the Seventy.

"'Resolved that the Presidents of the Seventies be requested to inquire into the conditions of the Seventies.'

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