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Source: Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 17 Page: 458 (~1834)

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458 CHAPTER 17.


Joseph gives an account of the journey, which will be of interest to the reader. He writes:-

"After completing the organization of the companies on the 8th, we recommenced our march towards Zion, and pitched our tents in a beautiful grove, at Chippeway, twelve miles from New Portage, for the night.

On the 9th we proceeded onward, and on Saturday, the 10th, passing through Mansfield, encamped for the Sabbath in Richfield.

"Sunday 11th. Elder Sylvester Smith preached, and the company received the sacrament of bread and wine.

"Monday the 12th. We left Richfield for the Miami River, where we arrived, after daily marches, on the 16th.

"We forded the Miami River with our baggage wagons, and the men waded through the waters. On the 17th of May we crossed the State line of Ohio, and encamped for the Sabbath just within the limits of Indiana, having traveled forty miles that day. Our feet were very sore and blistered, our stockings wet with blood, the weather being very warm. This night one of our enemies' spies attempted to get into our camp, but was prevented by our guards. We had our sentinels every night on account of spies, who were continually striving to harass us.

"About this time the saints in Clay County, Missouri, established an armory, where they commenced manufacturing swords, dirks, pistols, stocking rifles, and repairing arms in general for their own defense against mob violence.

(page 458)

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