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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 11 Page: 235 (~1860)

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235 CHAPTER 11.

1858, 1859.

THE Annual Conference for 1858 was held April 6, 7, at Zarahemla, Wisconsin. Jason W. Briggs presided, and William W. Blair acted as secretary. The following resolutions were adopted:-

"Resolved, that Jason W. Briggs be and is truly exonerated from acting in connection with Granville Hedrick, of Bloomington, Illinois, in writing out matter for publication as directed by the previous fall conference."

"Resolved, that Elder Reuben Newkirk be appointed to travel with Elder Edmund C. Briggs in visiting and preaching to the scattered saints, and that during his absence on said mission we will properly provide for his family."

"Resolved, that this conference does hereby approve of the manner in which Elder Edmund C. Briggs is performing a mission appointed him at a meeting of the church on the 20th November, 1856; and we solemnly promise that we will uphold him by our prayers and faith, until the final fulfillment of his mission."

Walter Kinney was ordained an elder.

The Semiannual Conference for the year 1858 was held at Zarahemla, October 6, 7; Jason W. Briggs president, Walter Kinney clerk.

At this conference Elder William W. Blair was ordained an apostle.

Samuel Powers was appointed to travel with E. C. Briggs.

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