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Source: Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 17 Page: 336 (~1839)

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336 CHAPTER 17.


THE suffering and privation of the saints in the winter of 1838-39, during their removal from the State of Missouri, no pen can describe. To tell of all the incidents of interest would fill a volume, so we will give the history of this event in a general way as recorded by other pens.

The following is from the pen of Lucy Smith, the mother of the prophet, concerning her banishment from Missouri:-

"Just as we got our goods into the wagon a man came to us and said that Sidney Rigdon's family were ready to start and must have the wagon immediately. Accordingly our goods were taken out, and we were compelled to wait until the team could come after us again. We put our goods into the wagon a second time, but the wagon was wanted for Emma and her family, so our goods were again taken out. However, we succeeded after a long time, in getting one single wagon to convey beds, clothing, and provisions for our family, Salisbury's family, and Mr. M'Cleary's family, besides considerable luggage for Don Carlos, who, with his family and the remainder of his baggage, was crowded into a buggy, 1 and went in the same company with us.

"For the want of teams we were compelled to leave most of our provisions and furniture. Another inconvenience

1 A light vehicle, drawn by one horse.

(page 336)

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