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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 16 Page: 274 (~1880)

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274 CHAPTER 16.


ON July 4, Lewis Van Buren wrote from Berne, Switzerland. He stated that the few Saints at Hedingen had kept the faith, but the spirit was weak, and they were looking anxiously for an elder to visit them.

During this summer Elder D. H. Bays, missionary to Texas, met with considerable opposition, resulting in several debates.

The Herald for July 15 contained an editorial from the pen of President Joseph Smith, entitled, "An Order of Enoch." From it we present the following practical suggestions:

We have several times reminded the Saints that we believed that inheritances were to be purchased, not conquered, by the Saints. All know by this time that it is not many thousand acres that we could buy as an individual with all our fortune; nor can it be reasonably expected that with the history of past accumulations of wealth by spiritual leaders, and their subsequent abuse, and the extremely jealous care with which present and future attempts of this sort will be watched and frustrated by Latter Day

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